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Coach Andy Mower is one of our resident powerlifting, general fitness and youth sports coaches. Andy has a very technical eye for form, particularly when it comes to the big three of powerlifting (Squat, Bench and Deads) and is passionate about helping his lifters have their most optimal form and reaching their true potential.

Andy has 12 years of bodybuilding, strength training, and powerlifting. He has been coaching clients for 3 years. He is experienced in coaching raw, single-ply and multi-ply lifters. 


Andy's Accomplishments: 

-2014 USPA - 1392lb Total @ 207lbs

-2014 APF - 1558lb total @ 220lbs Open Raw

- 2015 Fit-Con IPL World Cup - 1559lb total @ 220lbs Open Raw 

1st place + 4 Utah State Records

- 2015 IPL Worlds - 1648lb total @ 220lbs Open Raw

1st place + 4 Utah State Records

- 2016 Fit-Con IPL World Cup - 1736lb total @ 220lbs Open Raw 

1st place + 3 Utah State Records

Wilks Score: 485

- 2016 USPA State Championships - 1813lb total @ 220lbs Open Raw 

1st place + 4 Utah State Records + 3 American Records

Best Raw Lifter

Wilks Score: 504

- 2016 IPL World's - 1836lb total @ 220lbs Open Raw 

1st place + 3 Utah State Records + 2 American Records

Best Raw Lifter

Wilks Score: 507

- 2017 USPA - 1836lb total @ 220lbs Open Raw 

1st place + 1 Utah State Records + 1 American Record

- 2017 IPL FitCon World Cup - 1890lb total @ 215lbs Open Raw 

1st place + 1 World Record Deadlift, American Records in Bench, Deadlift, and Total, 4 Utah State Records

Best Raw Lifter

Wilks Score: 527

-2017 uspa nationals, Single-ply 1 World record squat 804lbs, single-ply 1 World record deadlift 766lbs, single-ply 1 World Record total 2022. 

-2017 Olympia IPL pro powerlifting, Deadlift only competition. 1st place Single-ply, 1 World record 839lb at 217lbs, also this is Utahs biggest dead-lift ever regardless of weight-class or equipment used done in a competition. 

-2017 UPA Utah holiday havoc, Best dead-lift overall, 1st place Equipped open 220 deadlift only, 1 Alltime World & American Record 843lb dead-lift, 1 National & 1 state UPA Record, also Utah’s biggest dead-lift ever! 

-2018 IPL World-cup. Classic raw 242 class 1st place finish . 1935 total @224lbs with 535 wilks score . 1 World Record Dead-lift Raw 804lbs , ( also Utah’s biggest raw dead-lift ever ). 2 American sub-master Records, 3 Utah state open records, 4 Utah state sub-master Records. 

Whether you are a novice or advanced lifter, Andy treats his clients with the same attention to detail and respect and will help you be your best in and out of the gym.  

Andy has small group powerlifting sessions available 2-4 days per week and private personal training slots available as well.